AlphaFold has catalysed progress in the field of protein science

In less than a year, our AI system, AlphaFold, rapidly became an essential tool for the scientific community – catalysing a new wave of progress in biology.

Alongside the freely available AlphaFold Protein Structure Database, which includes more than 200 million protein structures, AlphaFold is fostering progress in fields such as sustainability, food security, drug discovery, and fundamental human biology.

Unfolded introduces scientists from around the world who are using AlphaFold to unlock challenges, accelerate progress, multiply hypotheses, and pave the way toward new discoveries.

This project brings their stories to life through short films, in-depth journalism, and first person accounts, showing how these scientists are transforming the future of biology.


If you’re a scientist working with AlphaFold and want to share your story, we’d love to hear from you.

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AlphaFold is an AI system, built by DeepMind, that can accurately predict 3D models of protein structures from their amino acid sequences. 

Launched in July 2021 with around 365,000 available predictions, the AlphaFold Protein Structure Database – hosted by EMBL-EBI – now contains over 200 million structures, nearly all catalogued proteins known to science.

AlphaFold is already being used by scientists around the world in areas including drug discovery, vaccine development, food security, bioinformatics, ecology, and many more. 

“One of the most important datasets since the mapping of the Human Genome”
Ewan Birney,  EMBL Deputy Director General and EMBL-EBI Director